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As must processing is enjoying increased popularity, this year we are again processing garden/meadow grown fruit into popular Heimerdinger juices in the traditional way.

We take apples and pears for processing.

In order to continue to guarantee the flawless quality of our juices, it is important that only ripe, healthy and clean fruit is processed.

The fruit supplied by you can, upon payment of a processing fee be turned into must.

Our must processing method is explained in detail in the following ‘Must Conditions’.

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  1. You will receive 60 ‚juice-shop tokens for 100 kg of apples.

  2. You will receive 40 ‚juice-shop tokens for 100 kg of pears.

  3. For 40 juice-shop tokens, you can buy 60 litres of pear juice according to our conditions.

  4. Otherwise, you need one juice-shop tokens for a litre bottle of Heimerdinger juice, nectar or fruit juice drink.

  5. A processing fee is paid when paying in Euro, but not if using juice-shop tokens. For current prices, please see the price list at the till.

  6. The exchange of juice-shop tokens into Euro takes place at the annual average price for the fruit type that was supplied. You will only receive the daily rates for your fruit along with the original weighing slip.

  7. A storage fee of € 0.05 is additionally added from the 1st. December of the following year (Example: Apples supplied in September 2005; Storage fee applies from 01.12.2006).

  8. The juice-shop tokens loose their validity on the 31st. December three years after the fruit was supplied (Example: Apples supplied in September 2005; Juice-shop tokens will loose their validity on 31.12.2008).
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