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As a traditional producer of interim goods made from fruit and vegetables, our core expertise lies in the production of juices, purées, concentrates and flavours.

Through our many years of experience and the trained technical staff employed in our company, we are able to deal with the individual wishes of our customers. We process all types of fruit and vegetable into juices, concentrates, purées and flavours regardless of what product it has to do with.

Apart from our core expertise, producing fruit and vegetable juices, we have added an additional line of business with the opening of 4 drinks warehouses. Apart from the standard assortment a drinks warehouse has to offer, we particularly stand out due to our popular Heimerdinger juices - which naturally, are only exclusively available in our own branches and fruit collecting points.

As a result, Fruchtsaft Bayer is your expert partner for both B-to-B as well as B-to-C business.

So, get in touch with us!... we'll make you a juicy offer.

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