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Predominantly, direct juices are produced at Fruchtsaft Bayer GmbH & Co. KG.

From A for apple to Z for zucchini marrow, we process many kinds of fruit, berries, vegetables and plants into direct juices, extracts, purées or concentrates.
Employing the most diverse of juice extraction systems we also produce products tailored directly to the customer’s wishes.

In autumn, a large part of our production is taken up of by processing apples and pears from Baden-Württemberg. These come either directly from the growers or from the many collection points, which collect the fruit for us.

To a large extent, the vegetables which are processed for us come from growers in the Heimerdingen district.

Apart from the fruit and vegetables cited above, we also process stoned fruit and berries into direct juice.
These raw goods are also, to a large extent, supplied by growers from Baden-Württemberg.
A declaration using the origin logo mark is no problem as far as many direct juices from Fruchtsaft Bayer are concerned.

Grasses make up the smallest, but also the most specialist sector of our range. We can also process these for you.

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